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Polo at Donegal


Pronounced "Dun-e-GAUL"
Donegal Farms - named after PT Brent's father's birthplace is contiguous to the Eldorado / Empire polo complex in Indio, California.




donegal farms
An aerial view Donegal Farms, Indio, California.


The Late Mack Jason a true gentleman who put much back into the sport that defined much of his life.


Dr. Richard Caleel and Cambiaso.


Dr Richard Caleel and sons. Chicago's Best.


USPA Governor, Mrs Billy Linfoot and JJuddMack the Commanding Officer -creator of the Mak-Linfoot Cage 1987 Eldorado Polo Indio Ca.


Notre Dame Polo Team captained by Bill Meeker defeats Stanford team same weekend as the ND football match award by Mrs Toby Hilliard.



Ronald Reagan, a dedicated horseman, received a mallet inscribed "The Gipper" from Patrick Brent and Mickey Britain at Will Rogers Polo Tournament Los Angeles - M.M. Britain's Marine Barracks Team swept the field, winning all awards.


Sean Macloud 5 goaler, Miss Argentina and P T Brent 2 goals in Bariloche Argentina for winter snow polo 1991 Team Aspen needed more training time.


df gitmo
Team Donegal Polo Team at Guatanamo Bay Cuba Team Captain Lt. Tom Prentice United States Marine Corps


clothingA salute to one awesome Argentine Gentleman
- ten goals in style and class


Tom Polo
Dr. Tom D. Harris - Founder of Horse Park Polo Club

Mickey Brittan
Mickey Brittan on Bella Dulce(Homebred) Top exec, U S Marine and one of polo’s damn good guys ptb



Notre Dame Polo Team Cheer Leader Laura Aroon at Notre Dame victory over Stanford Polo Team


Alexander Anolik , P.T. Brent and Tom Prentice at Menlo Tourney 1985.


Dr. Richard Caleel and sonThomas. Gentlemen who "put something back into the sport".


1 ten goal pony named "Scarlett" at Will Rogers polo with M M Brittan.


Prince Charles Team versus USA Eldorado Polo Club 1986 with Barbara Sinatra and the infamous Bill Maybery Club ChairmanUSPA.


Donegal's proudest son Duke Nolasco, now a top executive in desert1990.


Polo Hall of Fame Member Henry Trione, one of the finest men to play on the Santa Rosa Polo Pitch or other polo locations worldwide. Polo needs more of Henry Trione style and form.


United States Marine Corps / Navy for "Well Done" navy and Marines played polo passionately until WW II.


Will Rogers at the Club named after him Los Angeles 1920's.


PTB daughter
Laura Aroon and PTB at Governor's Ball March 1990 PGA West.


Prince Charles, PTB and Christine Sinnott at Eldorado Polo 1986.


polo crash
Polo Crash


Elizabeth Cazelton
Elizabeth Caselton- Presdient Horse Park Polo Club

Mike Brown , Rob Scapa , Al HaagenIII, Mickey Brittan

Polo Curriculum background Patrick Brent


Spent ten years as FIP Federation of Polo Ambassador… participated in founding meetings in Argentina

Twenty-Nine years of playing polo around the world.

Rated in the top ten per cent of the US POLO Association Handicaps.

Served for eight (8) years as USPA Governor based out of California.

Former President of the USPA POLO Training Foundation

One of the principle founders of Eldorado Polo Club Palm Springs, Honolulu Polo Club Hawaii, and Rancho Santa Fe Polo Club San Diego.

Created the first USPA beginner’s video on Polo Fundamentals ( three videos ten hours all subjects from hitting to riding to care of horses (Polo Ponies)

Created several tournaments still operating today as well as the annual Black Tie Polo Ball in western USA.

Redesigned and proselytized a mechanical POLO HITTING CAGE for the players and visiting day game fans.

Developed two personal Polo Ranches North /South California see www.DonegalFarms.com

Served on USPA Safety committee to developed new safer helmets, and other protective gear for both the player and his mount.

Published as an avocation POLO GAZETTE which is still operating under www.pccpolo.com and http://www.pccpolo.com/htmldocs/gazette/gazette_pdfindex.html

Life member of Guards Polo Club Windsor England …played with Prince Charles as well as numerous celebrities around the world.

Purchase his horses in Argentina and has made countless journeys to South America for polo … speaks Spanish.

Friends with all levels of Polo including the high goal pros.

Partnered in Hotel Polo Property in Honolulu Waikiki. see www.HawaiiPolo.com



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