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Polo Gazette


And a firm belief that communication has been sorely needed in the whole world three years the governor of the whole circuit created Polo Gazette. An informative albeit educational package on that are the "haps' in the polo world. West coast players will delight in the four dots journalism included in this anthology of stories the Governor chose to share which are a provocative and eclectic mix of wisdom and whimsy.

K Y E O T B !

Polo Gazette


Volume1-Issue1-29 Oct1988
Volume1-Issue2-29 Nov1988

Volume1-Issue3-29 Jan1989
Volume1-Issue4-17 Mar1989
Volume1-Issue5-29 July1989
Volume1-Issue6-29 Aug1989
Volume2-Issue1-29 Jan1990
Volume2-Issue2-17 Mar1990
Volume2-Issue3-29 Aug1990
Volume2-Issue4-17 Mar1991
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